August 8th, 2015

Well it has been a LONG time since I’ve posted here! The new album, Dream Invisible, has been out since April and is making it’s way through the world. A few of the songs have been getting increased radio play and there have been a number of standout reviews! (head on over to the press page to see these)

So far this year there have been several festivals, Isle of Wight Festival is always a great time and I feel very honored that this is the fourth year in a row I’ve also gotten to play this wonderful festival. I also got to play the Henley Festival this year which was a great time and the crowd was exceptional! Probably one of the biggest live highlights/life experiences I’ve ever had was playing the Minack theater in Cornwall, with The Dodge Brothers!! I can thank those fellas enough for sharing their stage with me and always making me welcome. I look forward to more dates with them, including a return to the Minack! For those of you who don’t know why playing this venue had such a profound effect on me, please follow this link.:

Many of you may be wondering why I’ve been on the road a bit less this year than I have in previous years. The answer is, I’m working on a couple projects, one multi-media release which will kick off next year’s touring season and a new album and documentary which will take us through 2017! There’s a LOT of planning that’s going into bringing these projects into reality. To make sure I’m not half-assing anything, I’ve backed off on the touring, but only just a bit. I LOVE being on the road, playing shows and getting to meet and hang with friends both old and new. With hard work and a bit of luck, these new projects will not only keep me busy for the foreseeable future, but also pave the way for me to play in bigger and nicer theaters throughout the land!

Thank you for your continued support and for being part of this ongoing journey of musical discovery! The next couple years are going to be so much fun! Please stick around and be part of the festivities, bring a friend along or better yet, make some new ones at a show!