Alright folks, this is final push to the end. First I want to thank all of you who’ve gotten involved in one way shape or form or another. Donations, reposts, word of mouth, attending shows, it has all be excellent of you and its ALL helped! So thank you very much!</span>

It looks like we won’t be getting fully funded, but I promise to make an album every bit as good as if we had. I rehearsed and played a show with Sam and the guys last night and all I can say is, I’m about a million percent more excited than I was!

REMEMBER WE WILL GET WHATEVER FUNDING WE RAISE!!! Obviously the more we have the easier things will be. As far as promotion, I’m not sure how that will go. It’s very difficult to put out an album without promotion and get it heard. Promotion is what gets the albums you read reviews of into the hands of music columnists, bloggers, DJ’s, booking agents other promoters, itunes, spotify and most importantly, YOU! I know what releasing an album with no promotion, means. I did with my last record, one that I’m tremendously proud of. This album has a nearly 99% success rate, meaning, nearly 99% of the people I’ve ever played the album for have bought it from me. Seriously. That’s not a joke and it’s not a lie. If I had been ¬†able to promote that album properly, think of how many people would have it now! In the three years since I released the album, I’ve sold the original 300 I had made plus another 2,500 that I’ve made and sold at shows or busking. 3,000 may not seem like a lot, but when you consider that it was only reviewed by one magazine, which got it a respectable 4.5 out 5 stars, the only way people have heard about the record is by seeing me live or by hearing about it from you! Promotion could potentially get me thousands of more interested ears and folks willing to spread the word. The upshot of which is, more people would want to see me live, which means more touring, which means seeing you more often, which means making more records, which means more people would want to see me live, which means…….you get the picture. Promotion is a tool to help raise awareness of a thing. If done properly, with grace, it can start a wave, waves generate power, power generates motion, motion, can take you ANYWHERE!!!</span></span>

Sorry to belabor a point, I thought you ought to know why it is so important to me. Please help make this last week a big one!!! Thank you all again for help.